Mediawiki Upgrade

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Monday, 08 September 2008 17:54

---- 9/9 Update- The Wiki has been majorly upgraded to version 1.1.13 with new features including portals, improved works cited and references and other upgrades!-----


9/8-9/9 The Wiki is down for maintainence  and upgrades, and will be up shortly. 



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Welcome to Wetland Research !

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Sunday, 30 April 2006 17:00

I started the site Wetland Research in the way most things are created, in order to scratch an itch. The internet has had such a profound effect on research, that most information can be found on the internet in one form or another. The downside to the distributed nature of the internet is that important information can easily be overlooked or just not turn up in the search engines.

In my own searching, I have found this to be true and have thought:

"Wouldn't it be great if there were one site that had just enough information to get me started and also had at least a half dozen links to the important information on this topic?"

To me, what makes wetland very interesting to study is its interdisciplinary nature. (hydrogology, biology, Law, Chemistry, policy, and many other fields) Due to this, it seems that much information on the field is scattered widely throughout the web in places that the casual searcher may not stumble upon.


The heart of the project is the Wetland Wiki 


The wiki is intended for all users, from professionals in the field to students writing a book report on a local wetland. By using Mediawiki, the same software used by Wikipedia, anyone can add something of value to the project, a write up on a local wetland, a report on legislation anything topical that you think is worthwhile. However, please remember to respect the copyrights of the owner when posting materials other than your own.

So I purchased the domain name, dusted off my paltry PHP and Linux skills, ponied up some change for the hosting fees, fired up the we are!

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