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Wetlands in the News

  • Long Beach Council Approves Wetlands Land Swap
    A land swap, oil pumping upgrades and a plan for restoration of the Los Cerritos Wetlands were approved Tuesday night by the Long Beach City Council. The five-hour hearing was to hear appeals of a plan by Beach Oil Minerals, aka Synergy Oil, to ultimately...
  • Wisconsin DNR approves wetlands permit for Kohler golf course on Lake Michigan shore
    Wisconsin regulators have approved the first of several permits for Kohler Co.'s controversial golf course in Sheboygan County, and they have detailed an array of potential impacts on people and the environment along the Lake Michigan shoreline.
  • Wetlands penalty imposed for Bolton Fair
    LANCASTER -- The Bolton Fair, Inc. and state officials have reached an agreement in Suffolk County Superior Court for the nonprofit to restore damaged wetlands at their Bridge Road fairgrounds. According to an agreement dated Nov. 24, Bolton Fair officials...
  • DNR: Why wetlands are vital to Michigan's environment
    When thinking about Michigan’s important, valuable landscapes, many of us first think of the Great Lakes, northern forests and sandy beaches. Wetlands might not immediately come to mind. They certainly didn’t for early Michigan settlers, who were less...
  • Ballona Wetlands Project: What Will I See, and Will I Like It?
    Do you like what you see in the photos above? If so, you have only 23 days left to tell the State! Send an e-mail TODAY, including your name and city, to BWERcomments@wildlife.ca.gov and simply state you "support approval of the State's proposed plan to...