Wetlands and Beer?

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Thursday, 23 April 2015 11:57
Wetlands and Beer generally don't have much in common besides water, but I saw the logo of the Stony Creek Brewery and thought I would share it. The brewery is located on shore of the Branford River in Branford, CT. I love the stylized heron logo with a head of wheat for it's comb. If the beer is as cool as its logo, I'll have to buy some!

Stony Creek Brewery
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Peat Moss and ABC's show Sharktank

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Sunday, 19 April 2015 00:00
I never though I would be writing about wetlands and the TV show, Sharktank in the same blog post, but here we are! This past Friday, Sharktank hosted an entrepreneur who came up with a sustainable alternative to peat moss. Ive written about the importance of peat bogs in the sequestration of carbon, and how little peat, only 1-2mm/yr is replaced annually. Once removed, it can take hundreds of years to replace, which doesn't even take into consideration the other ecological effects of removing peat, which bog plants, inculding the sundew, venus fly trap and other unique plants and animals rely upon.

The owner of PittMoss, described the process the peat moss alternative made from a propieatary blend of organic additives and reclaimed paper products destined for the landfill.

Check out the Pittmoss site Pittmoss site, its short video and more info on the Sharktank Blog
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Recent Articles

Written by charlie   
Monday, 13 April 2015 02:21
A few articles tangentially related to wetlands this week: A hat tip to Scientific American, where the Coastal and Marine Geology Video and Photograph Portal was recently mentioned. The portal is chock full of USGS video and photography of the seafloor off of coastal California and Massachusetts, and aerial imagery collected over the past few decades.

The best longform articles often find their way to longform.org, where I read This sinking isle: the homeowners battling coastal erosion , about how the British isles are reacting to and coping with climate change and its effect on it coast; considering the island's coastline is longer than India’s.

Finally, a thought provoking conjecture that shellfish along the Eastern Seaboard are catching cancer, apparently virally, something that has only been recorded in a few species worldwide.
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