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Monday, 13 April 2015 02:21
A few articles tangentially related to wetlands this week: A hat tip to Scientific American, where the Coastal and Marine Geology Video and Photograph Portal was recently mentioned. The portal is chock full of USGS video and photography of the seafloor off of coastal California and Massachusetts, and aerial imagery collected over the past few decades.

The best longform articles often find their way to, where I read This sinking isle: the homeowners battling coastal erosion , about how the British isles are reacting to and coping with climate change and its effect on it coast; considering the island's coastline is longer than India’s.

Finally, a thought provoking conjecture that shellfish along the Eastern Seaboard are catching cancer, apparently virally, something that has only been recorded in a few species worldwide.

Vernal Pool- Connecticut

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Sunday, 05 April 2015 01:21
A few photos of a thawing out vernal pool in Huntington State Park, Connecticut on a blustery, early April Day. In comparison to last year, it's taking quite a bit longer to thaw out, and plants are just beginning to emerge - weeks later in comparison to last year.

Huntington State Park, Connecticut Vernal Pool

Huntington State Park, Connecticut Vernal Pool

Huntington State Park, Connecticut Vernal Pool
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Wetlands - 5th Edition

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Saturday, 04 April 2015 02:01
I have never reviewed a book without reading it. However in this case I have not even cracked the cover of the just releasd 5th edition of Wetlands, by William J. Mitsch and James G. Gosselink, but do have a dog-eared 3rd edition, and refer to it continually. Sight unseen, the 5th edition, or any of it's predecessors, is worth scrimping for. It has been referred to as the bible for wetland science, and it is. Buy it and apply it.

From the publisher: "This latest edition contains brand new information on Wetland Ecosystem Services and an updated discussion on Wetland, Carbon, and Climate Change and Wetland Creation and Restoration. Due to popular demand, the authors have brought back five streamlined chapters on wetland ecosystems that had been removed from previous editions, and provided more robust ancillary materials including an online color photo gallery, PowerPoint slides, and several video case studies"

Additional info here .

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