The Million Dollar Duck

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Monday, 15 August 2016 13:19
A few months ago I wrote about the Duck Stamp, and its unique combination of artistic and fund raising merit for wetlands related projects. It turns out that the Animal Planet purchased rights for the documentary "The Million Dollar Duck" about the very competitive competition that surrounds the selection process, and follows the contestants, each exemplary artists in their own right, in their quest to be named the winner and have a Duck Stamp released with their artwork.

Its great to see that the previously little recognized competition will receive a wider audience, and hopefully, the Duck Stamp itself will see an uptick in sales and popularity. The funds raised by the sale of duck stamps have been flat, primarily due to demographic changes in the hunting population (fewer hunters buying Duck Stamps). For 2016, it is estimated that the sale of the Bird stamps will raise $40 million this year, of which 98% will be spent to purchase wetlands and conservation easements.

The movie premiers on the Animal Planet September 14th at 8PM ET.

Million Dollar Duck - Official Site

Disovery Channel Press Release

Friends of the Stamp

Million Dollar Duck

Bogs and Birds

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Tuesday, 09 August 2016 10:41
Two wetland related articles in the NY Times this week, one about the reversal of fortunes of the snowy egret, the ferocious yet elegant predator that was on the verge of extinction, and was the call to action for passing the Migratory Bird Act in 1916.

The second article details current research on the carbon sequestration abilities of boreal bogs and how climate change, increasing temperatures and wildfires are releasing the carbon from the sodden sphagnum mosses in some of these bogs.

As Peat Bogs Burn, a Climate Threat Rises

Snowy Egrets, Once Fashion Victims, Always Elegant Predators
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An Osprey in the Scottish Highlands

Written by charlie   
Friday, 24 June 2016 10:57
An awesome to behold slow motion shot of an Osprey swooping down to catch a fish, from the BBC series " Highlands - Scotland's Wild Heart " narrated by Ewan McGregor

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